The programmes for dependent family members listed on this site are intended as suggestions only. Whilst they are recognised as credible programmes they carry no particular endorsement of the EEF.
Parents/caregivers are welcome to make use of these suggested programmes but are also encouraged to make their own inquiries to seek out programmes that best fit the development needs of family members, whether it be a programme mentioned on this site or some other initiative.
If you identify a programme for either a dependent child or spouse/partner that is not included on this web site and fits the EEF application criteria, click here to complete a Dependant Application form to apply for EEF funding.

Academic Tuition
Tertiary Scholarships

Scholarship grants for the sons and daughters of permanent employees who are undertaking full-time study towards their first, post-high school qualification in the next academic year. Applications for trade or business qualifications considered.

Other Academic Tutorial Programmes

Assistance for children requiring help with academic studies from learning providers not listed above.

Activity Based Learning and Life Skills
Outward Bound

A range of high impact programmes helping people reach their full potential through outdoor challenge and adventure. For children and young adults aged 13-26 years and the partners and spouses of employees.


MIOMO is an exciting and interactive 4-day life skills and leadership programme to equip students and young adults aged 16 years plus for independence and success in their adult lives.

Feedback from attendee and his father:
"During my time on MIOMO, I got a clear picture of my goals and dreams. In the past, I would disregard these because they seemed too hard. I have gained confidence that I can achieve my dreams if I know why I want to achieve them and how to get there. Coming to MIOMO was one of the best experiences of my life and I would definitely recommend it for other youth."

Ritesh - Senior Finance Manager – FCC Building:
"Even though our son is intelligent and pro-active he still got so much out of Miomo. He is now practicing transitioning to independence, budgeting, and setting goals. The key learning for him was understanding the importance of healthy relationships and the type of company he wants to keep going forward in life. It is so good to see that the learnings he has taken away will continue well into adulthood."


Intercultural exchange opportunities for secondary school students who wish to transform their lives by experiencing a new country, new cultures, a new family and new friends.

Spirit of Adventure

A high impact, 10-day voyage that teaches leadership, team work, communication and much more in an experiential learning environment.

R.Tucker Thompsonn

A life changing 7-day Youth Voyage on Northland’s tall ship. Experience learning for life through the sea.

Hillary Outdoors

A wide range of exciting and challenging outdoor programmes at two fantastic wilderness locations; Tongariro National Park and Great Barrier Island.


KidsLink is a user-friendly website designed to help parents understand the needs of their children and connect them to relevant and trusted service providers – services that help with learning, behaviour and physical needs. KidsLink is owned and run by New Zealand qualified teachers who’ve experienced the very many changing needs of a child from babies to young adults. The KidsLink team is focused on helping provide families with the right information to develop healthy, confident children so they can reach their full potential.

Please note that whilst there are many services on the KidsLink site that the EEF will consider supporting, there are some services that are not eligible for EEF funding e.g. childcare, dental, swimming lessons and the like. Note also that many of the providers on the KidsLink site are only based in and around Auckland.