The programmes for dependent family members listed on this site are intended as suggestions only. Whilst they are recognised as credible programmes they carry no particular endorsement of the EEF.
Parents/caregivers are welcome to make use of these suggested programmes but are also encouraged to make their own inquiries to seek out programmes that best fit the development needs of family members, whether it be a programme mentioned on this site or some other initiative.
If you identify a programme for either a dependent child or spouse/partner that is not included on this web site and fits the EEF application criteria, click here to complete a Dependant Application form to apply for EEF funding.

Activity Based Learning and Life Skills
The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place aims to positively impact every family by offering a wide range of seminars, resources and support to parents, regardless of where they are at on their parenting journey. Parents wanting to attend seminars or purchase resources from The Parenting Place need to Apply online to seek funding from the EEF.